The Business of Sports Massage

8CE      26 videos    125 page coursebook

Welcome to The Business of Sports Massage!

Learn the principle components of business in your sports massage career! This course is designed for both novice and veteran massage therapists, stepping you through the process of creating your Vision, Goal Setting, and providing useful tips within the sports massage career. 

Explore the many things you can do as a sports massage therapist outside of using your hands and physical massage! This course will give you multiple ideas in your sports massage journey, tap into your core personality, and learn fundamentals behind your sports massage business.
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What's included?

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Brief Introduction
2 mins
Business Course Outline
5 mins
Section I: Introspective: All About You
Download the Sports Massage Business Coursebook
1.67 MB
Chapter 1: Personality
13 mins
Ch1: Quiz
Ch1: Answers
Chapter 2: Learning Style
6 mins
Ch2: Quiz
Ch2: Answers
Chapter 3: Find Your Why
15 mins
Ch3: Quiz
Ch3: Answers
Chapter 4: What is Your Story
15 mins
Ch4: Quiz
Ch4: Answers
Section I: Introspective: All About You: Quiz
Section II: Your Vision and Goals
Section II Introduction
2 mins
8 mins
Scientific Research
8 mins
15 mins
20 mins
Product Development
6 mins
Selling/Affiliate Marketing
9 mins
Membership Site
3 mins
Chapter 1 Wrap-Up
2 mins
Non-Traditional Massage Quiz
Chapter 2: Traditional Massage Careers
6 mins
Traditional Massage Quiz
Download CrossFunction Vision Guide
2.03 MB
Chapter 3: What is Vision?
10 mins
Create Your Vision
20 mins
Business Vision Guide
20 mins
Vision Quiz
Create Your Avatar
9 mins
Avatar Quiz
Chapter 4: Create Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals
19 mins
Chapter 4 Quiz
Section II Conclusion
2 mins
Section II: Your Vision and Goals: Quiz
Section III: Business Operations
Chapter 1: Marketing your Business, Pt 1
21 mins
Marketing Your Business, Pt 2
19 mins
Sports Massage Marketing Quiz
Chapter 2: Accounting and Bookkeeping
18 mins
Successful Business Tips, Pt 1
9 mins
Successful Business Tips, Pt 2
14 mins
Closing Thoughts
2 mins
Section III: Business Operations: Quiz


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