Sports Massage 101

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Welcome to Sports Massage 101

Have you heard the term "sports massage" and wondered what it meant? Or perhaps you have been a licensed massage therapist for a while and wish to dive into the sports massage niche? Either way, this is a great introductory course to help explore different ways sports massage can be performed, the variety of modalities used, and how athletes benefit from the value of massage in their sport.

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Hi, my name is Jenny Mapes, owner of CrossFunction Sports Massage. I have been a movement specialist, personal trainer, and coach for over 17 years, teaching sport clinics throughout the PNW and in Coaches Choice training videos nationwide. I trained for the 2012 London Olympics in the high jump and worked with hundreds of athletes from the weekend warrior to Professional and Olympic level athletes. My passion for sports and sports prehab drove me into the massage therapy profession. I've received a B.S. from the University of Oregon, am a certified ISSA Elite Trainer, graduated massage school from Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics, certified in Zen BodyTherapy, ICTA Massage Cupping, and Scar Tissue Therapy. I look forward providing the best sports massage training possible, and to work with you in your journey of sports massage!

What's included?

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Sports Massage 101.pdf
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1 min
History and Research
History and Articles
8 mins
Athlete Interviews
Karelle Edwards- Canadian National Team Hurdler
9 mins
Stephanie- Power Lifting Coach
7 mins
Sports Massage 101
Types of Athletes pt. 1
10 mins
Athlete Sport Massage Example
5 mins
Types of Athletes pt. 2
6 mins
Sporting Events
22 mins
Athletic Training Cycle
25 mins
Sport Massage Techniques and Tools
8 mins
Technique and Tools Demo
7 mins
Bonus and Ending
USOPTC Medical Rotation
14 mins
Final Exam
2 mins

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